Saturday, February 07, 2009

McG on Terminator: Salvation

Director McG talked a lot about his new Terminator film, and his experience talking with James Cameron about the movie, specifically how Cameron would neither approve or trash the idea. McG is pretty good at talking up the film with an amusing, potty-mouthed way of telling his stories, while praising fellow filmmakers Spike Jonze and Zach Snyder. I don't know if it's a new item, but McG said that Danny Elfman is doing the score for T:S.

At one point, McG called Christian Bale at home, but got his wife, who thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm. After that, he unveiled the world premiere of the unfinished trailer (yelling as the lights went down "It better be loud.") Have to say, it looks pretty fantastic, like a mix of a war movie and Transformers, done inside the Terminator mythology.

Funny moment: the mic gave some feedback, and someone in the crowd yelled "That's F'n unprofessional!" His response: "I don't get it" with a smile. Funnier moment: McG puts three fans on the panel to back him up. Funniest moment: McG berates a woman who asks about the Bale rant, Bale-style. Good stuff.
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