Thursday, September 30, 2010

And Now...the Conning Fellow

With more cons to cover, I'm moving this effort to a less event specific blog. Come check it out at Conning Fellow.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Photos

Year Four: Done

Another year of the NY ComicCon down, and now starts the long wait until October 2010. I've still got some notes to go through before sealing the NYCC file, including plenty of photos, and some reviews that will be on soon.

Thanks for reading!
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Fringe is Not An Easy Title For Puns

They all turned out for the Fringe panel, including a far more than capacity crowd, and exec producer Jeff Pinkner, along with actors Anna Torv, Kirk Acevado, Blair Brown, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Josh Jackson and John Noble. I admit, I've never watched the show (I have enough serial dramas to follow) but after seeing the recap reel shown here, I may have to check it out.

The panel didn't spill many secrets, other than the presence of a visual clue in each episode that foretells the next show's subject, and the fact that the bumpers have a code that reveals the show's secrets. Instead, it focused more on the actors' experiences, like Jackson's flowchart of the series plot or Reddick's personally touching his set (which is the biggest of the cast, in case you were wondering.) The most interesting item involved the character of the Observer (whom they got on the sidelines of the recent Giants play-offs game (much to Jackson's chagrin, as he sat in the nosebleeds.)) Apparently Fox tried really hard to get the character onto the platform for President Obama's inauguration. Also, there's other Observers, one of which will be seen soon.

The first third of the next episode was shown, and yeah, I definitely have to check this show out.

A favorite part for non-Fringe followers: a guy in the audience kept yelling out Mighty Ducks references, and Jackson played along. I don't think he's the greatest actor, but he seems like a good guy in real life.
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Kids Day

I'm not particularly comfortable seeing women in next to nothing and little kids sharing the same convention floor (and even less comfortable with the two mixing, like the six-year-old girl in fishnets or the little boy posing with an amateur porn star in a Wonder Woman costume.) But if you get past that, the experience must be pretty cool for the kids in attendance, with a special room for them, featuring kid-friendly events, and even booths catering to youngsters, like Fox Home Entertainment's, which was doing kid's hair to look like the star of their upcoming Dragonball movie.

It will still be a long time before I bring my daughter.
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What I Learned from Joss W.

"Friday is Killday": When asked about how he decides to kill characters.

"Locations are the new special effects": Joss' wife's thought after watching Slumdog Millionaire

"I'm a genius": Joss' joking explanation when asked why people are so willing to work with him
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Inside the Dollhouse

Joss Wheadon (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) stopped by with the first third of the premiere episode of his soon-to-air series Dollhouse. It (and especially Eliza Dushku) looks pretty nice, as we got to see her character Echo, a high-priced callgirl, on a job, and the process she undergoes following said job, along with a scene that sets up the gist of the story. It's essentially setting up as a cop chasing a case that's far beyond his scope, and it seems there will be some changes in Echo's life.

The main room was packed with fans of the mercurial creator's prior series, who gave a great primer on the creation of the show
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