Saturday, February 25, 2006

That's all I can stands...

So when you leave, you have to get back on line to enter, and they only
allow people in when people leave, so the line is VERY long and VERY
slow. Truthfully, nothing else really appealed to me enough to put
myself through such slow torture.

So my comiccon experience was short and ok. Improvements need to be made
to the organization before the next one. Staff was either nonexistant or
useless, with the exception of a few select red-shirts, and information
available fluctuated between vague and confusing.

So I won't be heading back in tomorrow. If you're curious about how it
went, spin in a circle about 50 times and then get 50 of your friends
and sit in a closet. That should approximate it.

(By the way, that's police tape on the stairs in the pic. They had to
shut down the down escalator and the stairs. Yes, the stairs.)

79 min

Still no Cho. Thanks NY ComicCon

46 minutes

And no Frank Cho. Better yet, no one on the staff knows where he is, and
none of them seem to care. Chaos, thy name is NY Comic Con.

They want her...signature

Slave girl Leia wields a mighty pen.

Boba too...

Ol' Timey Fun

Dark Horse has a faux '40s serial on the way called Monarch of the Moon.
As they explained, "it's what Sky Captain tried to do." It looks like
fun. A limited theatrical release will be followed by a DVD they said to
expect during the summer.

Oh the Humanity

The fire marshall has stopped the convention from selling any more
tickets due to overcrowding. It is packed from wall to wall.

And it smells like half of them crapped themselves.

Like Sardines in a Can

This con is incredibly packed with people. The floor is simply too small
for the mass of people of people interested in comics and the like.
Since its the first one here, the conservative planning was smart, but
next time, it's got to grow.

The line just to register is still all over the building.


Met Chris Wyatt, producer of Napoleon Dynamite, who is a really nice
guy. He's got another movie that predates Napoleon, called Think Tank,
coming out in theaters and on DVD later this year.


Boy would this look nice on my shelf.

ADV/Anime Network Panel

Decently attended panel had a lot of talk about the VOD offerings from
ADV and the Anime Network, including the possibility of more subtitled
content. That creepy friggin Fuccon kid was here too.

Comics as DVDs

Dominion Publishing has a pretty cool idea to present comics like DVDs,
right down to the supplements and keepcase. Didn't get to read it, but
the concept certainly is unique.

Sneak Peek at McFarlane's Hong Kong Fooey figure

More Bootleg Fun

Plus, its 10 bucks for a photo with Karen Lynn Gorney. I'd rather have
half a DVD.

Get back in line...way back

It's kind of funny to watch people who just waited in line for hours
come off the escalator to the exhibition floor, round the corner, and
see a line of hundreds of people. The look on their faces is priceless.

It's also fun to see the reaction of the people here for the travel
convention (straight-laced folk) as they walk past the tight-t-shirt
horde. Disgust? Horror? Pity? Probably a bit of all three.

Cosplay a go go

A Line of Epic Proportions

People got in line to register at 2 a.m. Now, the line snakes throughout
the Javitz. Dare I say, it's fan-demonuum? No, because that's just

10:19 and it's starting to smell.

Early Morning Rudeness

Sure, there may have been only about 7 people in the room watching Zatch
Bell, yet there managed to be one conventioneer talking on his
cellphone. Check that...yelling on his cellphone. Ridiculous.

The line to register has reached a massive length, but there's still
only a few costumed souls. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that
most people attending had to use public transportation.

Early Morning Anime

For early arrivers, the Con provided a couple of anime screenings,
including Zatch Bell, Maison Ikkoku and Ah! My Goddess. Kappa Mikey was
scheduled to show, but since it's premiering today on TV, it was pulled,
and two episodes of Eureka 7 will be shown instead.

Got me Geeking

Fans of Tron can expect a new comic series soon, which might not suck
like the game.

By the way, the show hasn't even opened yet, and I've already seen a
fanny pack, a midget and a Segway. It's a beautiful day...

A quick update

Unfortunately, JJ Sedelmaier (Harvey Birdman) will only be attending
tomorrow's session. Nuts.

The Maddening Crowd

Yeah, it's going to be a different experience today.

Day Two: Revenge of the Sleep

Spent last night watching the new Free Enterprise DVD, which put me in
the right mindset for today. (I'll review it tomorrow.) I probably
should have hit the sack instead, as this early morning has me a bit
tired, but I've never been very good at that whole sleep thing.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I knew I wouldn't be disappointed

This woman was as bold as it got on Friday. Perhaps Saturday will be

The Ever Popular Bootlegger

There was a guy with a pretty nice assortment of bootleg DVDs, including
Howard Stern's Channel 9 show, the animated Star Trek and even Bionic 6.
To say I was tempted was an understatement, I'm just curious how it is
these guys are so brazen in their illegal activities. I feel guilty
taking a free pin.


Day one is done for me. Truth be told, it was to be expected that it
would be a bit light. Tomorrow should be better.

Now I'll walk back to Penn for a train home. I'll post my post-lunch
notes when I can sit down.

My Big Bag O Swag

Thanks to the lovely people at TokyoPop, I have a shopping bag big
enough to smuggle midgets in. In it, I have a little bit of everything,
including, but not limited to various pins, posters, and other
promotional crap, as well as a couple of books (one of which is the
novelization of V for Vendetta), a Bettie Page sticker, a temp tattoo
from a novelist and a few DVDs. For what you spend to get in, you sure
get your share of free stuff.

Look who I found

Se7en Comic on the way

This summer, a new story John Doe will be told in a 7-issue miniseries
from Zenoscope.

For the anachronist who has everything

A camo bustier

For those wondering...

The lonely table is for Karen Lynn Gormley of Saturday Night Fever

Plus, the place is starting to smell a bit.


The booths with the half-naked women get the most attention. Wish the
dvd content was a tad higher, though it's still early.

Teddy Bear with a Chainsaw

How do you go wrong?

X-Men Minimates DVD

Available in a pack of four toys, this animated movie actually looks
kinda cool. It has a bit of a Lego Star Wars feel to it.


Stopped by Lionsgate, and they said expect Hard Candy about 4 months
after the theatrical release.

Anime is the king here though, with plenty of studios on hand. No real
freaks yet though. My swag bag is growing though.

Because comic shows weren't disturbing enough

Filling your Furries Needs

Only the Lonely

This is just sad.


From Meet the Fuccons

More lego fun

Geek Nirvana


First Costume of the Day!

Yeah, the photo has a real Bigfoot in the woods feel, but you can make
her out. If it's a she.

I'm official

I've got my badge, and now, I wait. So far, the freaky-freaks haven't
appeared, but it's only a matter of time. After all, the doors don't
open to the public until 4.

I must say, so far...unimpressed. But it is early.

Oh yeah, they just added Jason Mewes to the line-up. Snoogans.

The Dark Lego

Heading West

I'm on my way to NYC, on the unfortunately scheduled 9:11 train. It's
wicked cold out, but the train is toasty warm.

I actually just ran into a guy I used to work with, and oddly enough,
he's driving the train. Plus, there was actually an excellent spot
available at the train station. Looks like today is off to a decent

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting Ready

Friday opens the first ever NY ComicCon, and DVDTalk will be there.