Saturday, April 19, 2008

A goodbye and an apology

I'll be leaving now, and will unfortunately miss the Starship Troopers 3 panel. Unless things improve, tomorrow is out as well you see, I slipped a moment ago, and now, something is wrong with my leg. Nothing life changing, but walking is difficult and painful.

Sorry bout that.

Eva Mendes sure is cute

At the panel for "The Spirit" Frank Miller, Eva Mendes and company (with Kurt Loder as moderator) presented us with the trailer for the film, and it basically rocked, looking a lot like "Sin City" which is just fine. In her flowery Spring dress, Mendes stood out to be sure, but then, so did Miller, who dressed like The Spirit.

Best quote:
"However many great actors there are in Hollywood, they don't turn out a lot of 'men.'" - Frank Miller, on the difficulty of casting The Spirit

2nd Best:
"When he turned around, I'd take it. I have a whole collection. E-Baaaaaaaay!" - Eva Mendes on the drawings Miller would make on the set to help direct

Speed Racer Gets Slow reaction - Batman is Betterer

The kid who plays Spridle intro'd the trailer to "Speed Racer" but the fan response was so so. It stood in stark contrast to the wild applause that met the new trailer for "The Dark Knight," which will reach the general public in about two weeks. What's in it? Just what you'd hope for (though no two-face.) The Joker is now truly frightening.

If you weren't excited about the new Hulk movie

You should have seen the clip they just showed here. It was of a certain fellow making a very special cameo. I can't post spoilers via mobile, so I will put the identity in later. But most of you have probably guessed already. Treat yourself to a drink.

OK...I was quick to judge

At a panel on the new Hulk movie, with director Louis Leterrier, Tim Roth and others, they showed a few unfinished clips from the film, one of which sees the Hulk battle a pre-Abomination Emil Blonsky. Looks pretty damn good, but man, they overdid it on the wire-Fu.

By the way, producer Kevin Peige (sp?) Said he'd like to see an Avengers movie, and that the status of Iron Man. And Nick Fury in the film will have to wait til the film opens.

By the way, Leterrier is a riot and seems to have earned some faith from the fans. Plus, the whole thing was recorded, so expect it on the DVD. In case it doesn't, ask me who the special guest was some time.

NY ComicCon Rates

Exclusive clips from LucasFilms and Universal point to one thing...After three years, the NY Comic Con has arrived and is a player in the movie game.

Jolie Pictures

Say whatever you want about Timur Longrussianlastname, but the man knows how to deliver an action scene. A shootout/chase scene from "Wanted" shown at the ComicCon makes this a must-see if the talk to action ratio is better than "Night Watch."

Battling Uphill

LucasFilms debuted a minidocumentary about the new animated Clone Wars that looks fantastic. Look for it to appear on soon.

Robot Chicken on DVD

"The great thing about DVD is, you don't need to watch the whole thing" - Seth Green

Why is that? Because the DVD Extras feature Breckin Meyer shirtless playing with LifeSavers.

On the positive side, They showed a clip of George Lucas in therapy from the DVD that was damn funny. July 22nd in stores.

Geek Love

LucasFilms packed out the main room for a presentation on Star Wars and Indiana Jones. First up was Star Wars, with talk about the release of the new animated feature film in August, the weekly series coming this fall, and the new video game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, coming September 16. The trailer for the game is rather impressive, showing off the enhanced force powers of Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

The new 3rd volume of Young Indiana Jones DVDs got a mention, noting it will feature an impressive 30 hours of documentaries according to the presentation. Of course, the new Indiana Jones is the reason most were in attendance, with a chance to watch the trailer on the big screen being a major draw. Not surprisingly, they took the opportunity to promote a new book on the films, and a new rerelease of the Indy DVDs. Plus, they showed a trailer for the new Lego Indiana Jones video game, which looks great.

On hand to talk about Star Wars were the creators of Robot Chicken, Seth Green and Matt Senrich, who spoke about the origins of Robot Chicken and the influence Star Wars has been on them, a point made obvious with a montage of clips from the Star Wars episode.

Day Two

Lines look longer than last year, which should result in a brutal crush once we're in the hall. It's also much warmer (last year the show hit in February), which should also not be a good thing.

Donkey Punch

Magnolia's got a new genre division called Magnet, and one of their upcoming releases is called "Donkey punch." What's it about? Exactly what you think. Can't wait to see the poster.
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