Friday, April 18, 2008

More X-Files?

Per Carter, there's opportunity to consider more X-Files after the film. Moderator: "Sequel announced!"

-Frank Black in the movie? "No."
-For anyone not in the know, the film is PG-13 (or at least, that's the goal.)
-The story was written after the series was completed (not part of a long-range plan)
-Billy Connolly is in the film, along with Amanda Peet and Xhibit (though the last two may be jokes)
-Will we ever meet Scully's baby daddy or Mulder's sister? Per Carter, Mulder's sister is dead, and he's the father.
-Carter is blown away by the ambition of "Lost"

Overall, an entertaining panel and a solid trailer. I really do want to believe.

Chris Carter talk about...OMG it's the trailer!

The trailer is light on details and heavy on atmosphere, as you get plenty of arctic moments, Mulder and Scully and that wonderful theme music. When it kicks in, the crowd went nuts.

When getting grilled by the fans, Carter was elusive.

-The film is set 6 years after the series.
-The film is a stand alone story, not part of the alien mythology.
-Lone Gunmen in the film? "Deny everything."
-Mulder & Scully' relationship in the movie? "I don't know."
-Scully' family in the film? "No,,,but there may be references."
-For the DVD...unrated material? "We don't know yet, still editing. When Blu-Ray come out though, it should be really cool. We don't know what we can do though."
-Wildstorm is launching a new series of X-files comics, which will be announced tomorrow.

Bonus story: In his last year of life, Dean Martin found comfort in watching The X-Files, according to his daughter.

More maybe to come...

I could listen to Bakshi all night

On "Cool World"
"I wanted to cast Drew Barrymore. I wanted a hot young girl and they gave me an old woman...what's her name...Kim Basinger?"

By the way, he's written "Wizards 2," but he can't get it paid for.

If Stan Lee is your cuddly old grandpa, Bakshi is your grandpa's nutty uncle who doesn't get invited to holidays. What a fantastic appearance.

Don't F with Ralph Bakshi

Holy F. Ralph Bakshi just went OFF. He was asked about the "protests" surrounding his controversial "Coonskin," which set him off, as he basically yelled at the moderator for calling it a protest, then flipped on Al Sharpton for not supporting Barack Obama. Per Bakshi, no black man doesn't like "Coonskin" and no black man shouldn't vote for Obama. Politics is part of everything kids.

French People + Animation = Gar-Fail

The State of Animation panel, with Mark Evanier and JJ Sedelmeier, covered how animation has changed technologically, and the difficulty of animating fat cats with the assistance of the French. Comparing the power of CGI and stop-motion, they made some great points and kept things entertaining. Great job guys.

Make Mine Manga

Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King) announced a collaboration on a new character, Ultimo, which was released today in Japan, and will be translated and published in English in Viz Media's publications. Lee was his usual fun self, joking about his grasp of Japanese and the differences between Eastern and Western comics. "If I had to compete with [Japanese manga,]" said Lee, "I'd be out drinking."

Mid-day Movie

Taking in a screening of a documentary on "The Spirit" creator Will Eisner, "Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist" It's a pretty interesting film, if a tad slow, and features interviews with his contemporaries, as well as Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Michael Chabon and Kurt Vonnegut. If you get a chance, check it out, as it takes interesting tangents into topics like racism in early comics and the Wertham agenda against the industry.

French Frights

After Dark is looking to recapture the success of French horror import "High Tension", with a Gaelic fright flick of their own, Frontiers. To say it's bloody is an insane understatement, and the unrated status is well-earned (after an NC-17 rating kept it out of theaters.) A short special run will hit theaters May 9th, before hitting DVD four days later. Unfortunately, the DVD will arrive sans extras.

Catch the Infection

A&E gets the award for creative marketing, for their push of the upcoming "The Andromeda Strain," a two-part miniseries coming soon. Atrio of military-looking folk in outbreak gear passed out bottles of antibacterial gel, in front of a fog-filled tube in which you could watch a trailer for the show. The mini-series, which is somewhat new ground for the channel, looks pretty good, for fans of man against a seemingly instoppable disease stories.

Hellboy, Hell Yeah

This is the Angel of Death. That's all you need to know. This flick looks amazing.

Ed Norton's never looked so angry

Boy...this Hulk movie does nothing for me so far.

A New Take on Porn

"Just Boobies" According to the Terminal Press creators, that all the porn you get in their new visions of classic porn like "Debbie Does Dallas," "Deep Throat" and "Johnny Wadd." Honestly, this really looks like it could be interesting, as they took the movie's premise and threw out everything else, to create something brand new. Plus, in a reverse tie-in, the artist did a new cover for the classic "Candy Stripers."

More Exciteded

Watchmen figures. Never in my life did I think we'd get a movie, and now, there's toys!

Maybe I'm behind on my Iron Man

But when did Shellhead drive a convertible?

In the Loch

The Loch is a family-friendly adventure based on kids books, and the comic comes with a cgi animated short with the characters. Looks pretty nice for an indie family project.

Oh Silly Comiccon

Instead of letting the pros and press in the main entrance, like last year, we've been herded into a rather small hallway, and will need to take a single-width escalator to enter the hall.

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New Digs

Sure, it's just the other side of the Javits, but it looks like it may be bigger this year.
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Sure it's early...

But Superman is WIDE AWAKE.
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The Force is Plastic With This One

Vogue International apparently makes wonderful things.
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On the Rails Again

Day one of the NY Comic Con... I'm riding on the wonderful LIRR train. To NYC, which is taking a route I've never seen before. I won't lie... That's making me a tad nervous. One of my fears is ending up somewhere I don't want to be because I got on the wrong train or missed a transfer. I always think I'm going to sleep my way to Speonk (a town I believe is just west of London, England.)

Looking forward to see what the ComicCon has in store for all us geeks.