Friday, February 23, 2007

Top Cow Everywhere

One of the biggest presences at the show has to be Top Cow, which is
drawing fans with their many properties, including a new noir-ish series
from Paul "Batman: The Animated Series" Dini. But in addition to their
own booth, there's a massive booth for the new XBox 360 game The
Darkness, based on the Top Cow character, which features several
playable demos and a gaggle of scantily clad booth babes. Plus, promo
for a new Witchblade anime series can be found at the Funimation booth.
It's still being developed, but expect 24 episodes, spread over six
separately-released DVDs this fall, and, if the image is right,
bodacious cartoon ta-tas.

Mr. Madonna Tries Comics

Virgin Comics, Richard Branson's shot at four-color fame, has handed the
keys to two titles to a pair of directors who built their careers as
action crafters, John Woo and Guy Ritchie. I can't say that either one
has done much lately to thrill me, but maybe Woo's 7 Brothers and
Ritchie's Game Keeper can turn it around for them. The short preview of
Game Keeper did nothing to draw me in unfortunately.

Taking a Break

I've wandered the floor for 4+ hours. Time to sit down, have a drink and
look at the schedule to see if it's worth hanging around or heading home
to rest up for day two.

New Plymptoons DVDs

Two new discs available from the twisted artist. A collection of his
dirtiest works and his Guide Dog/Guard Dog discs are available on his
web site.

Comic Book Creator: The Next Big DVD Extra?

Already found on the Nacho Libre DVD, the Comic Book Creator software
allows you to take frames from a movie and make your own comic book. The
software will be seen next on the Charlotte's Web DVD this spring, with
five more DVDs on the way, including one for some malleable vehicles.
*hint hint*

With all that empty space on blu-ray and HDDVD, there's room for stuff
like this to give added value.

A Little Scary

Some frightening toys are on the way from Mezco this October, including
Friday the 13th, The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street. For fans, this
things are sweet.

One Immediate Difference

The booth babes have found a new home.

DC Direct to DVD

Apparently announced at the S.D. Con, DC's animated direct to DVD answer
to Marvel's recent cartoon output will start hitting stores in October,
with Superman Doomsday, followed by The New Frontier (which should be
awesome) and The Neew Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, which will not be
in the Cartoon Network series style.

Meet Shin Chan

Coming to DVD from Funimation this September, and a part of the Adult
Swim lineup, this nonsensical series about a badass lil kid looks rather
interesting. I'll be hitting a panel later to find out more.

Sports Meets MMOs

Sierra Online is showing off Free Style Street Basketball, which
combines MMO gameplay with traditional sports games, allowing you to
build your characters through play, and spend experience points to grab
gear that will make you a better baller. As someone who is allergic to
MMOs, it was surprisingly easy to pick up and play, despite the unusual
experience of playing basketball with a keyboard (gamepad drivers are
available though.)

It's Starting Already

It's just 9 a.m., and they are already lining up for Stan Lee's 6:30
p.m. appearance.

Good Morning

One of the advantages of living where I do, is the ability to jump on
the train and be in the city in about an hour. One of the disadvantages
is the local train, which services every one of the 7,429 stops between
my town and NYC. So against better judgment, I dragged my ragged self
out of bed before dawn and kissed my wife, baby and dog goodbye to get
one of the select few express trains that make just three stops along
the way.

Being half-awake (despite normally being an early riser) it was hard to
decide which ironic pop-culture T-shirt to pair with my jeans. The red
felt Cobra logo? The distressed Atari shirt? My Pink Ladies long-sleeve?
The choices were too overwhelming, so I opted for a classic blue shirt
with black
trousers/slacks/other-oldy-tyme-word-for-pants-that-aren't-jeans. Yes,
I'll look like a narc amongst the comic-book set, but c'mon... I'm
almost 30. I can make this tiny concession to maturity.