Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chuck vs. NY ComicCon

Execs Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak were joined by series star Yvonne Strahovski for a panel Sunday, which followed a rather extensive reel of never-before-seen footage from the second half of the current season, loaded with spoilers of what's coming up, including more (inappropriate) romance at the Buy More, some guest appearances by comedy and sci-fi icons and more revelations about Chuck and Ellie's dad.

The room was packed beyond capacity, likely to check out the lovely Aussie Strahovski (who lost geek cred for saying she didn't get the show's pop-culture references,) and the crowd was definitely entertained by the funny trio, though the constant requests and invitations during the Q&A session got a bit annoying (and led to the new catch-phrase "Throw it up!")

Among the topics touched upon were the effect of the economy on Buy More (something we'll see coming up, guest casting (Fedak lives to cast Star Trek actors), Jeff and Lester's band "Jeffster," and the introduction of new spies in the lives of Chuck and company, including a British agent who takes a shining to our favorite lady agent.
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