Saturday, April 19, 2008

OK...I was quick to judge

At a panel on the new Hulk movie, with director Louis Leterrier, Tim Roth and others, they showed a few unfinished clips from the film, one of which sees the Hulk battle a pre-Abomination Emil Blonsky. Looks pretty damn good, but man, they overdid it on the wire-Fu.

By the way, producer Kevin Peige (sp?) Said he'd like to see an Avengers movie, and that the status of Iron Man. And Nick Fury in the film will have to wait til the film opens.

By the way, Leterrier is a riot and seems to have earned some faith from the fans. Plus, the whole thing was recorded, so expect it on the DVD. In case it doesn't, ask me who the special guest was some time.

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Edward Liu said...

I think Kevin Feige is the producer you're referring to above.

I kind of wish they had nametags on more of the panels, but even if they did, the bigger rooms and the IGN theater would need seriously big honkin' nametags to be readable.