Friday, April 18, 2008

More X-Files?

Per Carter, there's opportunity to consider more X-Files after the film. Moderator: "Sequel announced!"

-Frank Black in the movie? "No."
-For anyone not in the know, the film is PG-13 (or at least, that's the goal.)
-The story was written after the series was completed (not part of a long-range plan)
-Billy Connolly is in the film, along with Amanda Peet and Xhibit (though the last two may be jokes)
-Will we ever meet Scully's baby daddy or Mulder's sister? Per Carter, Mulder's sister is dead, and he's the father.
-Carter is blown away by the ambition of "Lost"

Overall, an entertaining panel and a solid trailer. I really do want to believe.

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Nicole said...

i cannot f'ing wait. i am losing my mind.