Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Swag

Swag (stuff we all get?) is always present at these conventions, be it
comics, sci-fi or erotica. This show has it's share, but it was mostly
of the poster, pin and sample comic variety. Of the swag that sticks out
most so far, it would probably be the nifty animated bookmarks the
Number 23 movie folks were giving out, the Gojira DVD samplers, and the
tiny Ghost Whisperer T-shirts (mainly because I couldn't understand what
the slogan "Ditch Him" meant.) My favorite was the "I rocked the mic"
tees given to those who visited the Sony Playstation area and did just
that with Singstar.

Of course, they all couldn't hold a candle to an innovative independent
creator in the Artists Alley who handed out free booze. Though I didn't
partake (I'm something of a teatotaller), it certainly got me to look at
their stuff.

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