Saturday, February 25, 2006

That's all I can stands...

So when you leave, you have to get back on line to enter, and they only
allow people in when people leave, so the line is VERY long and VERY
slow. Truthfully, nothing else really appealed to me enough to put
myself through such slow torture.

So my comiccon experience was short and ok. Improvements need to be made
to the organization before the next one. Staff was either nonexistant or
useless, with the exception of a few select red-shirts, and information
available fluctuated between vague and confusing.

So I won't be heading back in tomorrow. If you're curious about how it
went, spin in a circle about 50 times and then get 50 of your friends
and sit in a closet. That should approximate it.

(By the way, that's police tape on the stairs in the pic. They had to
shut down the down escalator and the stairs. Yes, the stairs.)


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you. I was in line for about over an hour waiting to get back in cause i had to get Kane's autograph and much of the other panels whose room was on the other side of the Center so I had no choice. And also the fact when I bought the Vip package for the convention, I was guaranteed to have tickets for special events like Jim Lee and Kevin Smith. Not a chance. Tickets were gone. Where was my tickets. $100 wasted. The organization was lousy at best. Why would you pay more if they could not guarantee the events as promised?? The organization of the Con needs to be addressed before the next one. If there is a next one.

What Would Phoebe Do? said...

VIP didnt get you any special seating, that is terrible!!! was there any advantage for getting VIP? its seemed like you just got some paid for the bust in advance and a glass.

Anonymous said...

I had pre-ordered my tickets to Comic-Con on Saturday and when I arrived found myself standing in a line with hundreds of people, many of whom had pre-ordered their tickets as well. The representatives at Comic-Con informed everyone on the line that no more people would be let in that day and that we had a choice of a refund or to get a pass to come back on Sunday. It is ridiculous that people that pre-ordered tickets were not allowed in. What is the point to pre-ordering the tickets if those that did so would not even be allowed in?

Anonymous said...

That sucks for everyone who got turned away or waited in interminable lines. Personally, I went all three days, and didn't even know there was a crowding problem until someone posted a news item on Sunday night. I guess I just happened to plan my days well.

Friday, I did all my floor shopping. Saturday, I got to Javits at 7:30AM, waited in line for an hour and a half (as I expected to) to get Kevin Smith and Art School Confidential tickets, went and got breakfast, came back just before 11 and went to panels all day. Comic writing, comic art, Kevin Smith, Macross, Comedy Central, Art School Confidential. Sunday I went to a few more panels, then did a little more shopping, then went home. No problems at all, and I had a great time.