Friday, April 18, 2008

Chris Carter talk about...OMG it's the trailer!

The trailer is light on details and heavy on atmosphere, as you get plenty of arctic moments, Mulder and Scully and that wonderful theme music. When it kicks in, the crowd went nuts.

When getting grilled by the fans, Carter was elusive.

-The film is set 6 years after the series.
-The film is a stand alone story, not part of the alien mythology.
-Lone Gunmen in the film? "Deny everything."
-Mulder & Scully' relationship in the movie? "I don't know."
-Scully' family in the film? "No,,,but there may be references."
-For the DVD...unrated material? "We don't know yet, still editing. When Blu-Ray come out though, it should be really cool. We don't know what we can do though."
-Wildstorm is launching a new series of X-files comics, which will be announced tomorrow.

Bonus story: In his last year of life, Dean Martin found comfort in watching The X-Files, according to his daughter.

More maybe to come...

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Nicole said...

I knew I loved Dino for a reason...